300-Casey Connors   North Ridgeville H.S.

300-Zach Gonzalez   Westerville Central H.S.

300-Terry Creech III   Fairfield H.S. (2)

300-Kaleb East   Solon H.S.

300-Austin Fought   Lima Shawnee H.S.  

300-Nic Kearney   Wauseon H.S.

300-J.J. Legge   Northwestern H.S.

300-Tom Lowry   Green H.S.

300-Sean Merritt   Mason H.S.

300-Cody North   Northwestern H.S.

300-Braden Sauer   Mason H.S.

300-Austin Travis   Anderson H.S.

300 & 290-Logan Wenger   Benjamin Logan H.S.

300-Jacob Yoder   Triway H.S.

300-Preston Vukovich   Hoover H.S.  (2)

299-Jimi Basiletti   Claymont H.S.

299-Tyler Fox   Carrollton H.S.

298-Brandon McClain   Brunswick H.S.  

298-Joe Shafner   Centerville H.S.

298-Seth Valentino   Hubbard H.S.

​298-Corey Wilson   Seven Hills H.S.

298-Alex Wright   Claymont H.S.

297-Adam Cifra   Struthers H.S.

297-Eric Clemmer   Beavercreek H.S.

297-Jacob Schoening   Carroll H.S.

297-Aaron Stone   Troy H.S.

296-Evan Adkins   Xenia H.S.

290-David Leavitt    North Union (Richwood)   


300-Taylor Knox   Westerville South H.S.

299-Carlee Bohn   West Carrollton H.S.

299-Kelsey Van Horn   Copley H.S.

289-Raven Cooper   Beavercreek H.S. 

288-Jenna Stone   Troy H.S.

284-Annie Taylor   Stow-Munroe Falls H.S. 

​279-Katelyn Dickerson   Fairport Harding H.S.

279-Kaylee Fernatt   Beavercreek H.S.

279-Olivia Harbin   Middletown H.S.

279-Danika Hickey   Bryan H.S.

279-SarahKate Palmer   Olentangy Orange H.S.

279-Angela Gale   North Olmsted H.S.

279-Jenna Stretch  Kenston H.S.

278-Tyahana Elder   Twinsburg.H.S.

​278-Kristin Harbin   Middletown H.S.

278 & 277-Taylor Herchenbach   Northmont (Clayton) H.S.

​277-Katie Bush   Mechanicsburg

276-Brittany Hawley   Wayne H.S.

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To be listed on the state honor roll...

1.  Boys game of 290 or higher.  Girls game of 270 or higher.  Multiple honor roll scores by a bowler can be posted.

2.  No team games, team/individual series, or team Baker game scores will be posted.

3.  Scores can only be submitted by a coach, tournament manager, or conference coordinator.

4.  Scores with school name, bowler name, & score must be e-mailed to:  greg@ohiohighschoolbowling.com for posting.