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The Junior Tournament Bowlers Association (JTBA) 2021-2022 Schedule

Midwest Ohio Tournament-Coldwater, OH - RESULTS

The Ohio 7th-10th Grade State Singles Championships! -  RESULTS 

The Ohio 11th-12th Grade State Singles Championships!  RESULTS

The Midwest USA Adult-Junior Doubles Championships!  RESULTS

The Ohio 7th-12th Grade State Doubles Championships!  RESULTS 

The Midwest USA Jr. Gold "Preview" Sunday June 26, 2022

The Midwest USA "ELIMINATOR"   Sat. Sept. 3, 2022  

These are youth bowling tournaments conducted "outside" the OHSAA high school bowling season.

The flier must have the name, e-mail, and cell number of the tournament manager listed.

No leagues will be posted. E-mail your PDF event flier to:

Events sponsored by the Ohio High School Bowling Program are in blue.


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Off-Season Youth Tournament "Action"