The Junior Tournament Bowlers Association (JTBA) Schedule

The Ohio 7th-10th Grade State Singles Championships!   Sat., March 28, 2020 

The Ohio 11th-12th Grade State Singles Championships!  Sun., March 29, 2020

The Midwest USA Adult-Junior Doubles Championships!  Sat. April 11, 2020 

The Ohio 7th-12th Grade State Doubles Championships!  Sat., April 25, 2020  (entry form coming soon)

The Terrific-12 Game Tournament  (a 2020 Jr. Gold Preview!)   Sat. June 20, 2020 (entry form coming soon)

Camps & Clinics

​​   To be announced

Tournaments, Classes, Camps, & Scholarships

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Off-Season Youth Tournament "Action"

These are youth bowling tournaments conducted "outside" the Ohio high school bowling season.

Posting the tournament requires that it be conducted in a BPAA/BCAO member center

and operated by a current year member of the Ohio High School Bowling Coaches Association.

No leagues will be posted. E-mail your PDF event flier to:

Events sponsored by the Ohio High School Bowling Program are in blue.